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The "all-in-one" cold brew system.

Clever Cold Brewer

When we wanted to make delicious cold brew at home, we couldn't find an easy, "all-in-one" system on the market... so we created one. In 2021, we will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for the new Clever Cold Brewer.

"Simple. Efficient. Rewarding! I have a graveyard of old methods/tools to make cold brew, none of them worked well. The kit they shipped to my house is so easy to assemble, process, and clean."

-Ian M. (Beta Tester for our Clever Cold Brewer)

No coffee grinder or scale required with our "single-brew" coffee pouches.

We take the guesswork out of making delicious cold brew at home!

Each coffee pouch has just the right amount of coffee (already ground to the perfect size) that extracts the best flavor from our unique coffee blend.

One pouch makes exactly one batch (40 oz) of cold brew, specially made for the Clever Cold Brewer.

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What's included with the Clever Cold Brewer?

What is our Signature Blend?

Bold, smooth, and never burnt.

Early on in our journey, we wanted to find a daily drinker that could be enjoyed as a staple in the household.

While testing many different cold brews on the market, we found that quite a few had a sour, metallic, or even burnt taste.

Without discovering a great option, we set out to create our own unique coffee blend that we could always count on for delicious, high-quality cold brew.

While working with a coffee roaster with over 25 years of experience, we eventually developed our Signature Blend - a unique four-region blend with beans being sourced from Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Guatemala. Medium/dark roast using 100% Arabica coffee.

Each region is individually roasted to perfection and combined to provide a blend that is perfectly well-balanced and enjoyable on a daily basis.

Never run out of cold brew.

Free shipping with every subscription!

So you don't run out, get three of our single-brew coffee pouches delivered to your door at an interval most convenient for you.

Each pouch has the roast date written on it and is shipped within two weeks of that date. Freshness guaranteed!

What others are saying about our Signature Blend:

"Flavorful! Deep and rich coffee flavor. Not too acidic. Perfect for the brewer."

-Aimee and Dana C.

"Your coffee blend is my favorite. It's the right amount of roasted flavor with the right amount of coffee flavor."

-Annette M.

"It's perfect! The flavor is amazing - and in the prepackaged ounces bag, it was super easy to use. 10/10 would recommend."

-Stephanie B.

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