The Clever Bean Experience


In 2016, Dennis and Craton (Co-Founders of The Clever Bean) decided to start a business together. They were childhood friends but lost contact for 10 years before

Not only did Dennis and Craton share a mutual love for coffee, but thought that they could create They decided to start a coffee house after realizing that coffee shops are one of the best physical mediums for human connection and community. They sought out to learn about coffee culture and tastes in different parts in the world before figuring out how to create the most delicious cup of coffee possible.

Dennis visited coffee farms in Hawaii, one of the only places in the US where coffee is grown commercially. Given that coffee is often grown at lower elevations compared to many other places around the globe, the flavors of Hawaiian coffee are often less-complex but mild and seductively delicious.

Dennis visited influential coffee chains in London (which largely rival Starbucks, unlike in the US) and top-rated coffee shops and experienced the unique bite of punchy, flavorful espressos that seemed to be commonplace.

Dennis and Craton went on trip to Seattle to explore one of the hottest places for coffee culture in the US. What they learned heavily influence their branding strategies, the interior design of their coffee house, and menu options.