Entrepreneur Blend

When it comes to entrepreneurship, you really need to hustle if you want a chance of building a sustainable business. According to the Small Business Association (SBA), 30% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 50% during the first five years, and 66% during the first 10 years.

You are running a marathon, not a sprint. Figuring out how to effectively use your time and build efficiencies into your daily processes will allow you to do more with the 24 hours we all have each day.


Coffee is a "tool" that allows you to be more effective as an entrepreneur. It not only helps you to feel less tired, but also increase energy levels with the caffeine that is absorbed quickly into your bloodstream after consumption.

Drinking coffee also gives you the chance to slow things down for a moment. Each sip can be seen as a little "break" in your day. Taking a mental pause allows your creativity and ideas to flow more naturally.

A November 2015 study published in Circulation (an American Heart Association Journal) found that coffee consumption was associated with an 8%-15% reduction in the risk of death (with large reductions among those with higher coffee consumption). Other studies have found that coffee drinkers may have a reduced risk of various cancers and diseases.


In 2016, Dennis and Craton (Co-Founders of The Clever Bean) took exploration trips to London, Seattle, and Hawaii to learn about coffee tastes and cultures before developing our unique "Signature Blend" (that we are also calling our Entrepreneur Blend). After many iterations of testing, we created a four-region blend (Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Guatemala) where coffee beans are roasted at different levels and mixed together, resulting in a medium/dark roast that is bold, smooth, and has a clean finish.

At the end of the day, we wanted to put in the necessary work to develop a coffee blend that we thought was the most delicious, so that we could build a community around something we personally love as entrepreneurs.


We are excited to give other entrepreneurs like you the ability to consume the same fuel that we do on a regular basis. By consuming our coffee, you are also joining a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who understand the importance of maintaining good energy throughout the day.

We're passionate about our coffee and coffee helps fuel our passion.

Let us help fuel yours.