Make delicious cold brew at home the easy way.

After developing our proprietary "Signature Blend" coffee beans, we quickly engineered them for our cold brew. 

With a coffee shop that we ran for almost 2 years, some of our most popular drinks (using our same coffee blend) were either cold brew or cold brew-infused (such as our frozen caramel, topped with chocolate whipped cream and caramel drizzle... a summer favorite!). When we tried to help our customers (and ourselves) make our cold brew at home, we ran into some challenges with other cold brewers on the market. Our cold brew often came out sour, bitter, or weak.

That's when we decided to create our own cold brew system... one that offers quality cold brew (we put hand-written roast dates on every coffee bag to ensure freshness) without all the guesswork when it comes to how coarse you need to grind your beans, how much coffee to weigh out, what water/coffee ratio to use, whether to brew room temperature or in the fridge, how long you should keep cold brew in the fridge, etc.).

Since we already perfected our cold brew, we wanted to bring a cold brew maker to the world that was simple, and performed beautifully every time.

What's different about the Clever Cold Brewer?

1 pouch = 1 batch

Without the need for a coffee scale or grinder, just open one of our "single-brew" coffee pouches to make a 40 oz batch.

Better coffee extraction

With a large brewing area for your coffee, bolder and more delicate flavors are extracted for a stronger cold brew.

Extra-fine, reusable filter

Our stainless steel, 50 micron filter can be used over and over again, leaving you with a smooth, less bitter taste.

Uses Signature Blend
Experience the same popular cold brew that our customers enjoyed in our own coffee shop that we ran for almost 2 years.

Standard Kit


What's included:

  • Lid with handle
  • Reusable metal filter
  • Two 64 oz mason jars
  • 3 single-brew coffee pouches
  • Clever Collar (patent pending)

Mocktail Kit

What's included:

  • Jigger
  • Pouring spout
  • Lid with handle
  • Long handled spoon
  • Reusable metal filter
  • Two 64 oz mason jars
  • 3 single-brew coffee pouches
  • Caramel syrup bottle (750 ml)
  • Clever Collar (patent pending)

Why drink cold brew coffee?

If you love hot coffee, here are some reasons why you should consider drinking cold brew too/instead.

Cold brew stays good in the fridge for up to a week, while hot coffee goes bad in less than a day.

You can make cold brew anywhere you go, even if you don't have any electrical power nearby.

Cold brew is also coffee, and coffee is life.

Less acidic than hot coffee, which can potentially make it easier on your stomach.

When it's hot outside, cold brew coffee is very refreshing to drink.

When it's cold outside, you can drink cold brew indoors next to a toasty fireplace.

Beta Testers for the Clever Cold Brewer

After finding more than 20 cold brew lovers across the United States, we received the crucial feedback needed to make all of the final tweaks to our cold brewing system before it was ready for larger production. In 2021, we launch and fully-funded our Kickstarter campaign to officially bring it to market. See what some of our Beta Testers said after being asked the following question:

What was your favorite thing about using your Clever Cold Brewer?