About Us

After graduating from Westminster College in 2010, Dennis spent his career in Finance (at both large corporations and a "start-up" with vastly different cultures), gaining experience in sales, trading, operations, financial advising, and more.

He has always had a goal to learn how "business" works holistically and has been lucky to receive such great training and experience from some of the most respected and influential companies.

After lots of "soul" searching, Dennis has realized that he was fascinating with the idea building companies that are uniquely focused on fostering better human connections.


Craton grew up within a family-owned business, then went to college for Culinary Arts and Business Administration. Throughout college he was very focused on building entrepreneurial skills and started multiple different companies in an attempt to learn more about creating a successful business. 

Craton has always believed in the philosophy that together is better. This mantra brings a focus of teamwork and community that is a unique aspect of the culture here at The Clever Bean. 


Together they created The Clever Bean in an attempt to bring more humanity back into our lives.