Clever Cold Brewer

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The "all-in-one" cold brew system.

Introducing the Clever Cold Brewer.

When we wanted to make delicious cold brew at home, we couldn't find an easy, "all-in-one" system on the market... so we created one. In Summer 2021, we will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for the new Clever Cold Brewer.

"Simple. Efficient. Rewarding! I have a graveyard of old methods/tools to make cold brew, none of them worked well. The kit they shipped to my house is so easy to assemble, process, and clean."

-Ian M. (Clever Cold Brewer Beta Tester)

Filtered for a smoother experience.

Not bitter, but better.

Sediment (or coffee sand) can be responsible for an extremely bitter flavor in your cold brew. That's why we have a filter that is twice as fine as  most systems on the market - because sand belongs on the beach.

More saturation for more robust flavor.

Give your cold brew some brewing room.

Brewing inside the filter can result in significantly less saturation leading to weak or under-extracted cold brew. Our system brews instead of a 64 oz Mason jar to make sure you get the most out of your coffee.

Signature Blend coffee beans.

A blend made for cold brew.

Certain coffees can taste less than desirable when made into cold brew. Our 4-region, 100% Arabica coffee blend was made specifically with cold brew in mind. With our "single-brew" pouches, you can make coffee shop quality cold brew without the need for a scale or a grinder.

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