My First Blog Post

Hello everyone! My name is Dennis Garrett (Co-Founder & CEO of The Clever Bean). We've been sharing our story on social media for over 2 years now, but this is our very first blog post and believe that a blog could give our community more insight into who we are and what we're up to.

To be honest, it's kind of crazy that we've already made it this far. We've been open for a little over 1.5 years, have an amazing community that's continually growing, was interviewed to have our story in a local magazine, and was featured on ABC4 News for Good Things Utah. Also, two of our customers already have tattoos of our logo.

Throughout our journey, we had to sacrifice a lot... if we knew what we were getting into, we might have made some different decisions but just like everyone else, we're trying to figure things out each step of the way. Change is the only constant (one of my favorite saying that I first saw on a t-shirt at Express).

Without Craton Edwards (Co-Founder & COO), The Clever Bean wouldn't exist. We think differently but also compliment each other. I married him after all... as in I became a minister to marry him to his beautiful wife (in 2017). My nickname is "Father Garrett" even thought I have no desire to marry anyone else (one and done).

While I plan on writing most or all of our blog posts moving forward, Craton is the reason why I am no longer working in the financial industry (more details about that at a later time). We were childhood friends when I lived in Grand Junction, CO before I moved to Utah in 2004. 

While Craton and I are going to do whatever it takes to find future success with our business, the reality is that anything can happen. No matter what the future holds, we want to document our journey (the good and the bad).

On November 22, 2017, I sent out our very first post on social media. Since then, I haven't missed 1 day of posting (including the weekends). Making sure to post at least once every day (I usually post 3-5 times a day) has been a personal goal and a way to push myself to stay creative and aggressively document our journey. Some days, I have no idea what to post but it's these moments that have forced me to innovate. Years from now, I want to be able to show anyone how we got to where we are by simply directing them to our Instagram account.

Thank you for reading our first blog post! It might be all over the place, but I'm focused on being authentic and honest as opposed to focusing on being the most polished and professional.

Please enjoy the rest of 2019 and I'll see you again in the next blog post.




  • Dennis Garrett

    Hello Julia! Thank you for your comment and interest. With our hiring, we’ve been hiring our regulars after building relationships over time and really getting to know people. Eventually, we will need to hire by advertising publicly but think it could be a good idea to get to know you more, along with your desires for any hiring opportunity. Please send us an email at and we can setup a time to chat!

  • Julia Smith

    Hello! I wasn’t sure how else to contact you guys… But I was wondering if you guys were looking into hiring any new employees. I have found a love for coffee and the relationships with people I have made when I took a job as a barista a few months back.

    Thank you-

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